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XR Prototyping


We are Valleyberg Studio: a team of experts in prototyping and UX design, dedicated to bringing your concepts and visions to life through the magic of immersive Extended Reality (XR). We specialize in crafting VR and AR experiences that captivate and engage. Our expertise lies in the art of UX design for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).


Why XR?

– Immersive Storytelling: XR brings your concept to life, captivating users with interactive and immersive experiences.
– Enhanced Engagement: XR elevates user engagement, offering unique and interactive ways to experience your concept.
– Realistic Prototyping: Create lifelike prototypes for precise testing and refinement, ensuring your concept meets your vision.

Just as valleys reveal the grandeur of the mountains beyond, we uncover the full potential of your XR concepts and bring them to life. Valleyberg Studio is your dedicated partner in creating exceptional XR experiences, turning your ideas into reality.


Selected Cases

AR UX Design

Burger Editor – AR Concept
for Fast-Food Chains

An AR concept is developed for fast-food chains, specifically focusing on how to customise a burger using Shapes XR. The video presentation effectively demonstrates the product’s functionalities, highlighting its intuitive and user-friendly nature.

Agile Production Management

Vacuunaut –  Video Game

Overseeing a diverse team of 12 professionals using agile methodology. Responsibilities included facilitating daily scrum meetings, sprint planning, backlog management, and fostering team collaboration.

Presentation Enahncement

“Project Life Tree” – VR Concept Art Installation in Nordiska Museet

Developed the concept of an art installation for Nordiska Museet and created a VR presentation in Shapes XR, incorporating 3D assets designed in Shapes XR and Gravity Sketch.

VR UX Design

“Pick’n’Dock” – VR Color Picker

Using Shapes XR and the Meta 2 headset, I designed and created the concept UX design for a VR colour picker called “Pick’n’Dock”. The objective was to develop an intuitive and user-friendly VR experience for colour selection.



VR Design

Visualize and bring your VR dreams to reality with expert design and planning services. We help you develop a clear vision for your VR projects, from concept to creation.

Immersive Prototyping

Transform ideas into interactive XR experiences with user-centric design. Our XR prototypes create intuitive, user-friendly experiences in VR, AR, and beyond.

AR UX Design

Unlock the potential of augmented reality with innovative UX design concepts that captivate and inform your audience. We transform your ideas into AR solutions that leave a lasting impact.

How Can Our Collaboration Look Like?

1. Initiate Contact:

– Reach out to us through the provided form or via email.

2. Discussion and Briefing:

– We engage in a conversation to understand your vision and objectives, crafting a detailed project brief.

3. Prototype Design:

– Our team dives into creating an immersive prototype tailored to your needs, leveraging cutting-edge XR technologies.

4. Continuous Collaboration:

– We foster open communication, exchanging feedback regularly to ensure the prototype aligns with your expectations. Weekly check-ins keep the project on track.

5. Final Delivery Arrangements:

– As the project nears completion, we organize a final delivery meeting to present the finished product.

6. Project Completion:

– With your approval, we finalize the project, delivering an exceptional XR experience tailored to your specifications.



Ready to create something extraordinary in XR?

To discuss your immersive UX design project, use our contact form or email us at contact@valleyberg.com